Tips to Promote Business Successfully in Instagram


Instagram was created way back in 2010 and it is an app for sharing photos from mobile. It is also an excellent social network to promote business. Promoting business is very effective on Instagram because the daily users using this platform are more than 300 million. While there are many social network apps in this internet age, Instagram is one app that is more of photo-centric. This makes it easier for users to edit and post their images and videos. By making use of the images and videos being uploaded to Instagram, customers can enhance their experience and create visibility to their brand in the market.


Getting Started in Instagram
Getting started in Instagram is simple. You just need to sign up for an account and once it is done, you can put your business logo or sign as your profile picture. You can also have a link to your business website. This is just the starting point. Many businesses struggle with taking advantage of their business presence after signing up. Here are few tips on how to soar high in Instagram.


Tips to Use Instagram for Business


Tip 1: Familiarize yourself with using Instagram for Business
Companies around the world are using Instagram to advertise and do marketing of their business. As this trend is growing, Instagram has a blog called Instagram for Business. This blog offers tips, guides, and news from the Instagram. To do marketing for your brand, check out the blog regularly to update yourself on some of the easiest ways of promoting your business.


Tip 2: Create a Balance with Fun and Business
While it is important to be serious when doing business, your followers in Instagram are not in the same mood. Post some fun pictures along with the business pictures to create a light atmosphere. The balance is liked by people and is welcomed by the audience. Also, find out what type of picture they like most.


Tip 3: Encourage a Following
There are multiple ways of getting followers on Instagram. You can either connect your facebook account to Instagram or make use of popular hashtags that are relevant to your business, or like others’ photos and follow few people. You can also make use of services like to become more popular.


Tip 4: Post some Videos
The Video on Instagram is a new feature that can be made use of for the business. The video can run for 15 seconds and is also editable. There are many other features like filters and image stabilization available with this feature.


Tip 5: Instagram Video can be Embedded in Blogs and Websites
One of the useful features that have been released recently is using the Instagram Videos in blogs and websites. People may not look at your video in a social networking platform and hence, embed your Instagram video on your blog or website is the best way to reach more audience .


Tip 6: Giving it Back
This is more strategic in nature. The common mistake people do is not to follow back in Instagram. But Following the people back makes a difference. You can learn a lot from following your favorite brand and other people. There is a tool that can be used to search the brands related to yours and you can follow such brands to learn more from them.


Tip 7: Create a Schedule for Postings
Your posts and pictures need not be done on a daily basis. Instead, a schedule can be created and the post can be done based on the schedule.


Tip 8: Apps are Powerful; Make use of them
Making use of apps is one of the best ways to make Instagram an important part of your social media marketing strategy


Tip 9: Attract Target Customers to expand your Brand
Posting photos – Fun photos or business related, that are relevant to your brand attracts potential customers. Let the photos share an inspiring story.


Tip 10: Images must Match the interests of the Audience
Instead of concentrating on selling, the photos must be able to capture interesting things and must align with interests of the customers.


Tip 11: The Power of Photo Contests
Do creative things like conducting photo contests and encourage people to participate.


Tip 12: Create a Network
Create a Network in Instagram by liking others’ photos, commenting on the photo that you like the most, following your reputed followers and by including hashtags.


Tip 13: Build the Perfect Profile
Building the perfect profile for your company in Instagram means you are optimizing it. That way, people can find the right information about your company.


Tip 14: Get Wider Audience
By making use of Facebook and Instagram Integration, you can get awider audience and promote your business.


Tip 15: Analyze Popularity
With the help of tools, you will be able to track the likes and comments of the most popular images on Instagram. These pictures can then be used as an ad to popularize your brand.


Tip 16: Offer Rewards
These are considered as the best way to popularize your brand. Reward followers with promo and discount codes.


Tip 17: Capture Moments
Share some important moments of the company as a video and share it with your followers. You can also capture photos of employees who work for your company and share them. It is a great way to appreciate them at work.


Tip 18: Introduce New Things
Give your followers a glimpse of what is going to happen during the latter part of the day. It might be an event or anything else related to your brand.